Music Producer. Digital Artist. Visionary.

Who Am I?

From 2018 I have been studying bachelor’s degree in Media and Arts (music producer) at TAMK Mediapolis, Finland. Before that I have studied audiovisual communications vocational degree and I’m specialized in graphic and web design/communications. 

I have done a variety of projects working as a freelancer in the audiovisual sector. Websites, posters, logos, graphics and received positive feedback of my work. I am idea rich, visually talented and eager to learn new things, and to apply the information and skills I have learned during my studies to practical projects.

I play and produce my own music, I do DJ shows, I design and produce band t-shirts, records, record covers and gig posters. I have also produced few music videos. For 6 years now, I have been running an Internet radio station  in which I produce the content by myself. I know how to use DAW (Digital audio workstation) Ableton LIVE, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Logic Pro X) software for music production and I also know how to use image editing and creating software such as Adobe Photoshop. I am also skilled using Adobe Premier for video creating and editing.  I own a recording studio in the central of Seinäjoki, Finland where i produce music for me and for others.

I am hard working, flexible and reliable guy. I own many years of experience in the ICT-field and in the field of music production and graphic design. I am eager to learn new things and expand my skills every day.

What I DO

Examples of my works

Video Production

And from here you can see my visual side. My passion is CGI and conventional style music videos.

Music Production

From here you can hear my musical side. I love cyberpunk, hardcore punk and synthwave.

Digital Art

Here you can see my artistic side. I use conventional artistic tools with AI and other digital assets.

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