Music Producer. Media artist. Sound Artist. Visionary.

Who Is Miro Scum?

Miro (Miro Scum) Leirimaa is a musician, sound artist and media artist. Education of Bachelor of Media and Arts. Three years ago Miro started experimenting with various new technological tools such as AI/AR integrations with traditional media art and started bringing cyberpunk style elements to his art. He's been developing his art with various new AI/AR technologies and launched he's own genre: Cyberpunk Media Art. Miro's art involves experiments with new and different technologies and techniques without forgetting traditional media art tools and techniques. Grants from Seinäjoki City and from TAIKE (The Arts Promotion Centre Finland) Accepted to the Seinäjoki Artist Association as an media artist in 2023. 

Miro has a versaile mind. He play’s and produce’s his own music, He does DJ shows, design’s and produce’s band t-shirts, records, record covers and gig posters. He has also produced few music videos. For 6 years now, He has been running an Internet radio station  in which he produce’s the content by himself. He know’s how to use DAW (Digital audio workstation) Ableton LIVE, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Logic Pro X) softwares for music production and he also know’s how to use image editing and creating software such as Adobe Photoshop. He is also skilled using Adobe Premier for video creating and editing.  He has a recording studio in the central of Seinäjoki, Finland where he produce’s music for him and for others. Do you want to contact this talented and creative mind? Click below!

What I DO

Examples of my works

Video Production

And from here you can see my visual side. My passion is CGI and conventional style music videos.

Music Production

From here you can hear my musical side. I love cyberpunk, hardcore punk and synthwave.

Digital Art

Here you can see my artistic side. I use conventional artistic tools with AI and other digital assets.

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